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Temporary Freedom

Prelims are finally over!!! It amazes me how 23 days have passedΒ from our first to our last paper & how I managed to survive without being burnt out. I have told myself that what’s done is done and I shouldn’t worry about the results πŸ™‚ I know that God will be with me and no matter the result, it will all work out in the end. Honestly, I am never afraid of not doing well, because I know that I will bounce back eventually and I am someone who forgets things easily. But I AM afraid of disappointing those who have put so much faith in me – that’s why I tried to study periodically and consistently this time round, especially for chem, and I hope it all pays off πŸ™‚ Also, thank you for people who have studied with me, you guys are really important to me because I can’t study productively without someone there to keep me in check.

That aside, I realised that I have become a happier person – I’d say that this half of the year has been my happiest in JC yet! It’s probably because I’m not under extreme imminent stress (like how I have to be always on my toes in council), but I have enough time to pace myself out and do things that make me happy. I also learnt to be more contented with things and I have been trying to build up my patience (definitely room for improvement for this).

Also, I really really really want to do something that will make people happy and make and impact in peoples’ lives like be a wedding planner but I doubt that this will happen >< And I know I’ve always wanted to study English but I am really not sure if teaching is cut out for me 😦 but please let me plan your weddings if this somehow works out in the end!!!!!! I promise to make everything pretty and perfect!!!!!

Welcome Back :)

Hey guys!!!! πŸ™‚

Sorry for the incredible lack of updates, my computer was spoilt and I hate using my windows desktop. After one week of using my lousy windows keyboard, I am proud to say that I still know how to use a MAC KEYBOARD!!!!

The past week was basically –Β exams, study, eat, sleep, repeat >< SIGH I think my econs paper was really badly done… going to put in more effort for essay this time πŸ™‚ I don’t think you want to hear about each and every of my papers so I’m just going to run a quick update on my LIFE thus far!!

Went out with Joey after the chem paper, we watched inside out in a relatively empty cinema πŸ™‚ so happy!

SADNESS is so cute :) she's super lazy like me hehe.
SADNESS is so cute πŸ™‚ she’s super lazy like me hehe.

I did this test and it says I’m disgust. Which IS quite true HAHAHAH I get easily excited about small things!!!!!

happy us!
our favourite hangout
my favourite exhibit!!!!
my favourite exhibit!!!!


this exhibit was SUPER creepy – at one time, only 2 visitors were allowed to enter! but it’s quite cool – it depicts how in society, there is always bound to be a disadvantaged party and how the dominant party would always try and trample on the ‘weaker’ parties
happy teachers' day :)
happy teachers’ day πŸ™‚

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I’m so happy!!!!!! hehehe THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!! I LOVE SUMIKKO GURASHI πŸ™‚

signing off!!!! bye πŸ™‚