“A goal set properly is halfway reached”

2 weeks of unemployment have come to an end as of today – speaking of which, will update on unemployment period in another post, soon!

I’ll be starting my internship tomorrow with MND and I hope it will be as enjoyable as my previous teaching one! One thing I probably regret is not setting concrete goals at the start and writing them down so I will list some pointers/reminders for myself this time round before I start!

  • Even if things may seem scary or daunting, just trudge through & you’ll be fine.
  • Ask if you don’t understand – I was quite afraid to ask my supervisors stuff at the beginning of the TIP but I realised that I was really silly not to, everyone is always willing to help and people in the public sector are generally quite kind and approachable!
  • Try to be as helpful as you can 🙂
  • This one I’m still trying to grapple with – to actively ask for work or wait till supervisor assigns? Will play by ear for this.

That’s about it I think for now. If I have time, will update on my first day tomorrow after work!


Temporary Freedom

Prelims are finally over!!! It amazes me how 23 days have passed from our first to our last paper & how I managed to survive without being burnt out. I have told myself that what’s done is done and I shouldn’t worry about the results 🙂 I know that God will be with me and no matter the result, it will all work out in the end. Honestly, I am never afraid of not doing well, because I know that I will bounce back eventually and I am someone who forgets things easily. But I AM afraid of disappointing those who have put so much faith in me – that’s why I tried to study periodically and consistently this time round, especially for chem, and I hope it all pays off 🙂 Also, thank you for people who have studied with me, you guys are really important to me because I can’t study productively without someone there to keep me in check.

That aside, I realised that I have become a happier person – I’d say that this half of the year has been my happiest in JC yet! It’s probably because I’m not under extreme imminent stress (like how I have to be always on my toes in council), but I have enough time to pace myself out and do things that make me happy. I also learnt to be more contented with things and I have been trying to build up my patience (definitely room for improvement for this).

Also, I really really really want to do something that will make people happy and make and impact in peoples’ lives like be a wedding planner but I doubt that this will happen >< And I know I’ve always wanted to study English but I am really not sure if teaching is cut out for me 😦 but please let me plan your weddings if this somehow works out in the end!!!!!! I promise to make everything pretty and perfect!!!!!