I actually started this post a month ago, opening with this sentence  – As are finally over and I’m glad I finally have the time to do what I like!

Looking back, indeed, I guess this past month has been an amazing respite from the usual school life 🙂 It’s nice to feel like you are able to go out without caring about having to spend your time on better places than studying. So this is going to be an update of my month so far ^_^ Didn’t go overseas but… trips will come soon! (ie. March maybe? and June)

As usual, following this would be the usual spew of visuals and occasional captions. If you aren’t featured here, this means that we should go out soon and you’ll be featured the next post!

Anyway, I tried to maintain a blogging habit the previous half of the year but I guess… I became lazy. For 2016, I’ll make sure I at least blog once per week or something. I’ll try!

(more photos will come! those taken on the second half of December)

Kudos to you for scrolling up till here! I’m a little apprehensive about turning this post into a reflection post (I guess I am just not the reflection kind) so, if you want to read something, head over here.



Welcome Back :)

Hey guys!!!! 🙂

Sorry for the incredible lack of updates, my computer was spoilt and I hate using my windows desktop. After one week of using my lousy windows keyboard, I am proud to say that I still know how to use a MAC KEYBOARD!!!!

The past week was basically – exams, study, eat, sleep, repeat >< SIGH I think my econs paper was really badly done… going to put in more effort for essay this time 🙂 I don’t think you want to hear about each and every of my papers so I’m just going to run a quick update on my LIFE thus far!!

Went out with Joey after the chem paper, we watched inside out in a relatively empty cinema 🙂 so happy!

SADNESS is so cute :) she's super lazy like me hehe.
SADNESS is so cute 🙂 she’s super lazy like me hehe.

I did this test and it says I’m disgust. Which IS quite true HAHAHAH I get easily excited about small things!!!!!

happy us!
our favourite hangout
my favourite exhibit!!!!
my favourite exhibit!!!!


this exhibit was SUPER creepy – at one time, only 2 visitors were allowed to enter! but it’s quite cool – it depicts how in society, there is always bound to be a disadvantaged party and how the dominant party would always try and trample on the ‘weaker’ parties
happy teachers' day :)
happy teachers’ day 🙂

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender IMG_0392

I’m so happy!!!!!! hehehe THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!! I LOVE SUMIKKO GURASHI 🙂

signing off!!!! bye 🙂

“Never doubt yourself of your capacities.”

I find that sometimes I am quite a contradictory person… I really want to keep in touch with lots and lots of friends but often find myself forgetting to reply them and when I realise it, it’s already too late 😦 I tried really hard to change this by trying to make (keyword: TRYING haha :P) all my closer friends download Telegram and I guess the situation has improved slightly, thank goodness :). I hope that I would be able to become a better friend, especially since it’s going to be much harder to remain updated on each other’s lives once we all graduate. The prospect of it is extremely daunting, in all honesty!!

I can already feel the pre-exam pressure building up when technically, there’s actually still sufficient time to work hard and (hopefully) achieve the goals that I have set for myself. Last Wednesday, I met Mr Lo outside third level consult and he asked me why I wanted to be a teacher, and “why not get a job that earns more money”. I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer for him right there and then – I actually have never considered about the practicality aspect of a career in teaching. Perhaps it is because my family is able to get by relatively comfortably with my dad’s salary. Also, the speakers at the MOE scholarship sessions that I have gone for have all mentioned that they joined teaching because of an immense interest in a particular subject. I feel that I am not as strongly passionate towards English as they are in their respective areas of interest, however, I really do think that teaching is an extremely meaningful career, and one would be able to directly impact the lives of those around me. I don’t think I sound very coherent now, but I really do feel extremely gravitated towards a career in teaching. Also, I have had quite enough of pursuing something/spending time in something that I have no interest in. (econs haha)

Also, I am trying to reduce my dependence on my phone – and I may consider deleting whatsapp, since I don’t really use it anymore nowadays HAHA but… I don’t think it’ll work honestly oops!! Okay back to chem!!!! Bye!!!! 🙂


I’m finally back here because after reading Joey’s blog I have the sudden urge to blog again, and I really do not have the motivation to continue with I&I though I’m only on exercise 4 of 14 oh goodness. Hmm I don’t know but I’ve been thinking a lot about how people interact with others, about how people change as time passes, and how scary it is when time augments even the subtlest of changes >< I remember on the first day of IP week, me Joey Natalie and Tammie were sitting at chill benches and we were saying how scary it is to finally be in JC because many people say that JC is where the biggest changes happen and hmm thinking back I think that that is kind of true, to be honest!

I think that one of the things that changed me a lot was joining council, having to deal with a lot of different challenges when different occasions called for it. It is quite ironic ’cause Danyon and Sue coined the phrase “no what-ifs, no regrets”, but council will always be my greatest what-if. I know it is unfair of me to say this, but my grades have definitely taken a slide after joining council. Sometimes I wonder if people would have seen me in a different light if I continued to do what I like (strings) and pursued what I am really interested in (ELL). But then again, council rewarded me with a wealth of experiences and I would always be grateful for that. I was a very strong ENFP (wild child!) but I’m now ESFP which means more sensible and less unpredictable, I guess? Working on it :))

Then again, I am really really thankful for all the friends who have allowed me to grow and taught me a lot these 2 years! Special mention goes to the sec 4 gang (even though Tammie forever is MIA but I really really think that she cares for us hehe), the class gang (especially Clara and Darryl because they are the ones who really keep me grounded), other people in class like Jamie, Justin and Nicole, especially Jamie because I really feel the change in her…. and I think that it’s a good change ^^, and other friends like Natalie Koh, Kai Qian, Ange, Sue, Nicole Lim, from whom I have learnt something one way or another. Even though I rarely say it, I am extremely thankful to have been put in this class because I really feel the warmth and there is really zero politics (or at least none I’m involved in)!

“The body is nothing more than a box – a parcel for delivering our personality, thoughts, beliefs and intentions to this world.”