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“A goal set properly is halfway reached”

2 weeks of unemployment have come to an end as of today – speaking of which, will update on unemployment period in another post, soon!

I’ll be starting my internship tomorrow with MND and I hope it will be as enjoyable as my previous teaching one! One thing I probably regret is not setting concrete goals at the start and writing them down so I will list some pointers/reminders for myself this time round before I start!

  • Even if things may seem scary or daunting, just trudge through & you’ll be fine.
  • Ask if you don’t understand – I was quite afraid to ask my supervisors stuff at the beginning of the TIP but I realised that I was really silly not to, everyone is always willing to help and people in the public sector are generally quite kind and approachable!
  • Try to be as helpful as you can 🙂
  • This one I’m still trying to grapple with – to actively ask for work or wait till supervisor assigns? Will play by ear for this.

That’s about it I think for now. If I have time, will update on my first day tomorrow after work!

Beautiful People Do Not Just Happen

Hello friends 🙂 I’m sorry for the pathetic dearth of updates, I really really need to get my life in order (in the sense of writing blog posts every week haha – serves as a personal checkpoint too!). WordPress says it’s been 20 days since my last post, I’ll try and post more regularly since I actually have quite a bit of time.

My internship experience so far has been an extremely positive one. What I told myself when I started out, was to keep my heart open and to be receptive and kind-hearted to everything I see and everyone I meet. I think this mindset has worked pretty well because I am enjoying it a lot and I look forward to every day eagerly 🙂 If you follow my side account, I generally try to update snippets of my day here and there & my thoughts (along with complaints of Adeline bullying me HAHAHA).

Also, my favourite memory of the internship so far would be the 3 of us squeezing at the back of the van on the way to EL department lunch, and the rest of the teachers sitting in front (it was pretty squeezy for them too!) It reminded me alot of the day some of us from OHco (and Danyon and Sue) went to collect bamboo poles from a dodgy shop in Bugis. We wanted to take a bus back to school but we weren’t allowed on because the poles were too long >< So we carried the poles and walked around the area… actually I don’t even remember why we had to walk around anymore, I think it was to find a truck driver or something. In the end, James’ grandfather helped us get his friend so we ended up sitting at the back of a lorry to go back to school. I think that was my favourite memory from council (Mr Sim high-fiving us after O1 campfire is a close second!!)

Change of topic – there’s always this time in my life every 3 (?) months where I’ll become obsessed with MBTI personalities and I’ll ask everyone around me what’s their MBTI and I’ll go read all those MBTI tumblrs for fun and everyone will be like “didn’t you ask me this a few months ago” HAHA. But I genuinely feel that this is a very interesting thing to read about even if it isn’t very accurate – Jamie and I used to try and type people and see if we’re correct!! If you’re reading this you are probably my friend so please tell me your MBTI type then we can go on and analyse our friendship 🙂 I also saw this post about MBTI types as teachers and I must say that mine (ESFP) is quite accurate… not sure if it’s good or bad. I also read somewhere that ENFJs make very good teachers, but I realised I have no ENFJ friends 😦 and I also realised I have no xxTx friends (except Nicole Lee)??? Jingxin was telling me I probably do because guys are usually Ts but NOPE all my guy friends are Fs… and I have quite a few close guy friends haha oh dear.

Enough talk about this, as usual, the visuals –

Till next time! 🙂


I actually started this post a month ago, opening with this sentence  – As are finally over and I’m glad I finally have the time to do what I like!

Looking back, indeed, I guess this past month has been an amazing respite from the usual school life 🙂 It’s nice to feel like you are able to go out without caring about having to spend your time on better places than studying. So this is going to be an update of my month so far ^_^ Didn’t go overseas but… trips will come soon! (ie. March maybe? and June)

As usual, following this would be the usual spew of visuals and occasional captions. If you aren’t featured here, this means that we should go out soon and you’ll be featured the next post!

Anyway, I tried to maintain a blogging habit the previous half of the year but I guess… I became lazy. For 2016, I’ll make sure I at least blog once per week or something. I’ll try!

(more photos will come! those taken on the second half of December)

Kudos to you for scrolling up till here! I’m a little apprehensive about turning this post into a reflection post (I guess I am just not the reflection kind) so, if you want to read something, head over here.