“A goal set properly is halfway reached”

2 weeks of unemployment have come to an end as of today – speaking of which, will update on unemployment period in another post, soon!

I’ll be starting my internship tomorrow with MND and I hope it will be as enjoyable as my previous teaching one! One thing I probably regret is not setting concrete goals at the start and writing them down so I will list some pointers/reminders for myself this time round before I start!

  • Even if things may seem scary or daunting, just trudge through & you’ll be fine.
  • Ask if you don’t understand – I was quite afraid to ask my supervisors stuff at the beginning of the TIP but I realised that I was really silly not to, everyone is always willing to help and people in the public sector are generally quite kind and approachable!
  • Try to be as helpful as you can 🙂
  • This one I’m still trying to grapple with – to actively ask for work or wait till supervisor assigns? Will play by ear for this.

That’s about it I think for now. If I have time, will update on my first day tomorrow after work!


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