I actually started this post a month ago, opening with this sentence  – As are finally over and I’m glad I finally have the time to do what I like!

Looking back, indeed, I guess this past month has been an amazing respite from the usual school life 🙂 It’s nice to feel like you are able to go out without caring about having to spend your time on better places than studying. So this is going to be an update of my month so far ^_^ Didn’t go overseas but… trips will come soon! (ie. March maybe? and June)

As usual, following this would be the usual spew of visuals and occasional captions. If you aren’t featured here, this means that we should go out soon and you’ll be featured the next post!

Anyway, I tried to maintain a blogging habit the previous half of the year but I guess… I became lazy. For 2016, I’ll make sure I at least blog once per week or something. I’ll try!

(more photos will come! those taken on the second half of December)

Kudos to you for scrolling up till here! I’m a little apprehensive about turning this post into a reflection post (I guess I am just not the reflection kind) so, if you want to read something, head over here.



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